Social Media Threat Reporting

Your school or business is being threatened online: Online Security Monitor can find those threats and bring them to your attention.

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Advanced Filtering, Powered by Artificial Intellgence

Our advanced sentiment analysis algorithms analyze every alert, so only the most relevant information makes it to your inbox.

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Dark Web DeepSearch™

Unlike our competitors, we search and analyze some of the darkest corners of the internet for emerging threats.

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Social Media Matters

Active shooter scenarios don't come out of nowhere - most are preceded by social media posts indicating the shooter's intention to commit a heinous act. With Online Security Monitor, you can be proactive, not reactive, in assessing and handling threats made to your institution online.

Our platform includes sophisticated recurrent neural networks that can gauge the threat index of a particular Tweet, Facebook post, YouTube comment and more. Online Security Monitor searches all major social media platforms as well as the Dark Web and websites known for malicious activity.


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